Latest Bus Ticket Price From Abuja To Jos By Road

Bus Ticket Price From Abuja To Jos By Road: Do you want to travel from Abuja to Jos? Are you finding it hard to make the decision on which route to take or which transportation company to patronise? We have you all covered here in this article. However, it should be noted that there are different means of transportation from Abuja to Jos. Well, if you are looking for a faster means to Jos from Abuja, then you should consider air transportation because it is still regarded as the fastest, most reliable and comfortable means of transportation. But when in terms of affordability and being cheap, transportation by road offers a relatively the best option.

Bus Ticket Price From Abuja To Enugu By Road

Latest Bus Ticket Price From Abuja To Enugu By Road

Bus Ticket Price From Abuja To Enugu By Road: Are you intending to travel by road from Abuja to Enugu and you want to know the latest price ticket? Well, that’s why we have made this article. Although travelling by land from Abuja to Enugu is not the most convenient one and not also the most fastest one because long trips but stands as a reasonable alternative to a rather faster, sleeker and more reliable transportation system in flight. But road transportations are actually more cheaper and are sometimes more flexible too.


Latest Price Of Beans In Nigeria In Nigeria 2020

Price Of Beans In Nigeria: Research have shown that Beans is a highly proteinous food. And this commodity is a very common one here in Nigeria. There is a believe that Nigerians all over the world loves beans, in fact there is a saying that men love beans alot. By a margin, rice is more consumed than beans but as far as we know, beans is also by margin more expensive than rice in the Nigeria. Beans are used in making boiled or porridge beans, akara, moimoi and even soup gbegiri soup or Owo beans soup.

Ticket Price From Benin To Abuja By Road: Bus Price & Other Details

Ticket Price From Benin To Abuja By Road: As far travels by land and buses are concerned in Nigeria, the Benin to Abuja route is one of the most busiest routes. Although both cities has large number of people transversing to and fro on a daily basis, but the route happens to be one of the most popular in Nigeria as it links a lot of other cities to Abuja. If you are traveling from Lagos to the east, you will and must go through the Benin. If you are traveling to the Northern part of Nigeria, you are likely going to go through Benin as well. So you see how important that route is?

Latest Train Ticket Prices And Schedule From Kaduna – Abuja

Train Ticket Prices And Schedule From Kaduna – Abuja: Train It could be recalled that in 2018, there was a major upgrade in the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) towing Kaduna to Abuja. The federal government added two new trains and about 10 more coaches to existing ones. With this new development, the daily number of trips through the route became four instead of the formal two. This didn’t come without a slight increase in fare price.

Palm Oil Prices in Nigeria

Latest Price Of Palm Oil In Nigeria 2020

Palm Oil Price in Nigeria: As far as Nigeria is concerned, Palm oil is one of the most widely consumed food commodities. Thousands of liters of palm oil are consumed on a daily basis and this have made palm oil sellers accrue much profits. There won’t be rush to look at the latest market prices of palm oil in Nigeria. We will first be discussing some basic facts about the palm oil commodity

Over time, the usage of palm oil have evolved. Before now, it was basically used for cooking but today, it has a diverse usability. Today it can be used to prepare soaps, chemicals, used for the manufacturing of lubricant as well as in the manufacturing of candles, water treatment products, drugs, printing ink, etc

Price Of Bag Of Rice In Nigeria

Latest Price Of Bag Of Rice In Nigeria 2020

Price Of Bag Of Rice In Nigeria: Rice is one of the most consumed food in the Nigeria in particular. But what exactly is Rice? Where does it come from? What specy is Rice?

Now let’s go.

Rice is the seed of the grass species called Oryza glaberrima (African rice) or Oryza sativa (Asian rice). Rice happens to be cereal grain and as at today, it is the most widely consumed staple food in the world today. It may not be largely consumed in many countries but on the average, it is the most commonly consumed food anywhere in the world. Asia and
Africa has the highest consumption rate than anywhere in the world . According to statistics, Rice is the agricultural commodity that has the third highest worldwide production (rice, 741.5 million tonnes in 2014), after sugarcane (1.9 billion tonnes) and maize. Below are the types of rice that are available.

Price Of Cocoa In Nigeria

Latest Price Of Cocoa In Nigeria 2020

Price Of Cocoa In Nigeria: Cocoa is one of the most valuable agricultural produce in the world. It has one if not the biggest market in and outside Nigeria and that is why going into the business is one of the most profitable venture anyone could do. Although, in Nigeria, Cocoa has most its international market value since the discovery of oil in 1954. Before then, it was the highest exported cash crops and today after oil, it still remains one of the most exported commodities in the coin. Although several factors would have made it lose the mark of its value Economically but due to it’s importance in the global Market, it is still very much valuable.

Price Of Land In Ajah

Latest Price Of Land In Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria 2020

Price Of Land In Ajah: The fastest growing pivot residential areas in Lagos and Nigeria at large as at today is Ajah and there is no argument just about that at all. Why has it become so interesting for individuals and companies, and organisations? We will talk about this later in the page. But first, note that, when a place like Ajah happens to be getting this kind of attention in development, it turns out to be one of the people’s favorites, especially when it comes to buying a land or building a house.